Our Community Won!

Heart Your Library - BlueThe votes are in across Franklin, Warren and Gasconade Counties and all three library levies passed yesterday!  Congratulations to everyone who uses the Scenic Regional Library system. We’ve secured new resources for better collections, services, programs, hours, and access.  We’ll see many of our branches upgraded or refurbished.  Our librarians will have the tools they need to help all ages get the resources they need and the materials they want.  It is a good day for our community and the start of something big.
Congratulations, too, to all our volunteers who worked to share the important story of what a new $0.10 cent levy could do for education, entertainment and community enrichment in our region.  These conversations with our neighbors were not possible without the excellent resources prepared by director Steven Campbell, his team of librarians, and the library’s trustees and friends working to share information about the library.  There is a plan for our community and its libraries.  We are so glad that the voters agreed yesterday with the plan.  Thanks to everyone who worked on this Vote YES committee, everyone who clicked Like and Share on Facebook, folks who wrote letters to the editor, and people who took the step of asking their friends, family and neighbors to Vote YES for the library.

We know the library staff and leadership are getting to work right away.  Join us in committing to support the library as a Friend of the Library and a Fan of the Library.  We’ve got a great resource with the Scenic Regional Library that is about to get even better.  Thanks for making it happen.

It’s Election Day and Our Libraries Need You

I Voted StickerA very simple message today folks:  Voting YES for the Scenic Regional Library levy means better libraries – both the buildings and materials, but also the hours, programs, and services – for everyone across Warren, Franklin and Gasconade Counties.  From our youngest kids who use the library even before they go to school, to our teens and high schoolers who need the homework help and summer reading support, to our small business owners who use the library’s resources to build better businesses, to our neighbors looking for work and building skills at library trainings, to our friends who get out books, music and movies, and gather for books clubs and concerts and programs, to our elders who need moments of connection with the wider community, our Scenic Regional Library is there for them – and for us.

Make the choice and mark your ballot YES for a $0.10 cent levy, the first since 1959, to move our libraries into the 21st century, to make some necessary fixes to our buildings, and to give our librarians the resources they need to help build our community for the next generation.

Every one of our votes count today for the future of libraries in our communities.  Don’t forget, don’t skip it.  We appreciate everyone who has been so supportive on Facebook, around town, and across our Scenic Regional Library system.  And on behalf of everyone on the Vote YES for Scenic Regional Library committee, thank you!

We’ll see you at the polls today!

Find your polling place and other information about voting rights at http://www.sos.mo.gov/elections/goVoteMissouri/howtovote.aspx.

Important: If you are in line at the closing time of 7:00 PM you have the right to cast your vote.



Endorsed – Libraries in Our Communities

I Am Voting YES for SRL ButtonWe’re very glad to see the Editorial Board of the Missourian come out in support for the $0.10 cent levy for the Scenic Regional Library.  Election Day is Tuesday, April 8th.  Please add your vote to better libraries all across Franklin, Warren and Gasconade Counties.  Your vote matters to your library branch, to residents all across the county, and to future generations who will use – and benefit from – our Scenic Regional Library System.


Library Tax Vote

There aren’t many people who are endeared to property taxes. Yet property taxes are necessary for the services they provide. The services provided add to the quality of life in a community and area.


One of the entities supported by a property tax is Scenic Regional Library, which serves a three-county area. We remember when the library district was established in 1959. At the same election, a 10-cent operating tax was approved. One of the great benefits of the library district is that it provided a Bookmobile. That outreach program to people in the rural area was one of the most significant happenings ever in this area.


Scenic Regional Library has had capable board members and directors since the district was formed. It has been a conservative operation yet very productive. The district made outstanding progress in meeting its mission of providing the best possible library services with available resources. The progress has been steady and beneficial. In fact, the operation overall has been remarkable considering it has been operating on the same tax since 1959.

However, the times and expenses have put the district in a financial bind. It is limited in what it can do to reach new heights because a tax dating to 1959 is inadequate in today’s world.


The district has decided to ask voters for a 10-cent increase in its levy in order for it to meet today’s library demands. It’s on ballots this coming Tuesday for those voters who live in the district. Part of Washington is in the regional district. Part of Washington is in the Washington Library jurisdiction. So not everybody in Washington will be given a Scenic Regional Library ballot. The Washington Library has partnered with the regional library and receives many benefits from it, including an annual grant.


To move forward and provide 2014 services, and beyond, the added revenue that the 10-cent additional tax will bring is vital. With the added income, the library can do more, reach more people and provide the services that are in demand today.


This vote is about the quality of life in this area. The added income will enhance services already in place and lead to expanded benefits, which have been fully explained in letters to the editor, including some in this issue. We urge voters to cast a positive ballot in this issue. Scenic Regional Library has proven its value to the area. It has earned a vote of confidence.



Push to the Polls

I Am Voting YES for SRL ButtonOur libraries need us on April 8th.  For the first time in a generation, we have the chance to provide a reasonable and sustainable level of funding for these critically important educational and community anchors.  Our libraries across Gasconade, Franklin and Warren Counties are more than institutions. They are lifelines for people looking for information, needing access and wanting connections.  This levy is important to us because it means more – and better – collections, programs, services and facilities.

But it is also about the librarians we have in our communities who help people from falling through the cracks.  They work on teaching our youngest to read and our middle and highschoolers how to bridge the “Summer Reading” gap.  They help parents make good choices in reading and entertainment for their families.  They help our elders keep connected to the community while helping everyone to find information, learn new skills, and take time to read for enjoyment. This levy on April 8th matters to us because better funding means more time for the librarians to work in – and for – our community.

Join us in voting YES on April 8th for the Scenic Regional Library levy.  

This is our honor roll of libraries in the Scenic Regional Library System.  If you use them, great.  It is now time to support them at the ballot box on Tuesday, April 8th.  If you haven’t been in one in an awfully long time, or you are new to our area and haven’t visited, don’t worry.  You can still make sure that they are open, have the books and ebooks, databases, music and movies, programs, services, and librarians ready to help our larger community. Which one of these wonderful libraries is yours?  Please join us in voting YES for an extra $0.10 cents on the Scenic Regional Library levy on April 8th.  It will help all of Franklin, Warren, and Gasconade Counties get the libraries we want.

Libraries in the Scenic Regional System:


Franklin County Fact Sheet

Union Branch
308 Hawthorne Drive
Union, Missouri 63084
Phone: 636-583-3224  (HQ offices here too)

Pacific Library
119 West St. Louis Street
Pacific, Missouri 63069
Phone: 636-257-2712

New Haven Branch
901 Maupin
New Haven, Missouri 63068
Phone: 573-237-2189

St. Clair Branch
515 E Springfield
St. Clair, Missouri 63077
Phone: 636-629-2546


Gasconade County Fact Sheet

Hermann Branch
601 Market Street
Hermann, Missouri 65041
Phone: 573-486-2024

Owensville Branch
107 North First Street
Owensville, Missouri 65066
Phone: 573-437-2188


Warren County Fact Sheet

Warren County Branch
912 South Hwy 47
Warrenton, MO. 63383
Phone: 636-456-3321

Washington City

FAQ for Washington City Residents

Our Bookmobile

Find your polling place for April 8th here:

Libraries Change Lives and Build Communities

April 8th, 2014.  Polls open at 6:00am.

April 8th, 2014. Polls open at 6:00am.

The last 100 hours before Election Day are a critical time to sharing the word with neighbors and family who may not yet be as aware as you are about things.  The ballot on Tuesday, April 8th for the Scenic Regional Library matters to the future of everyone living in Franklin, Warren and Gasconade Counties whether they use the library or not.  From the children who use the library and learn basic literacy and language skill from our librarians to the folks without internet access who need to find a job or file a claim, to the hundreds and thousands of readers, listeners, and watchers of our books, digital downloads, and movie collections….  The impact of our Scenic Regional Library system is staggering.

And we have been under-funding it for generations.  We think it is past time to bring the system’s funding up to what it should be to serve our growing communities.  For the smallest of amounts  – a $0.10 cent levy on property – we can make a huge difference for the future of education, access to information and the internet, and the enjoyment of reading and learning.

Join us in voting YES on Tuesday, April 8th for the Scenic Regional Library levy.

Find your polling place at: https://www.sos.mo.gov/elections/PollingPlaceLookup/

Get the FACTS about the library levy at: http://scenicregional.org/component/content/article/525

Spread the word on Facebook by clicking SHARE at: https://www.facebook.com/voteforscenicregionallibrary/posts/1481383208751992


Our Stories Matter

We heard two great stories about our Scenic Regional Libraries on our Facebook page that we needed to share.  The chance to vote YES on April 8th for more resources across Gasconade, Franklin and Warren Counties makes such good sense when you look at the life-long impact good libraries have on peoples’ lives.

  • Paula Renee’ Brooks Ever since I was a baby my parents took me to the library in Warrenton. I grew up reading books that were from the library. Every year my parents enrolled me and my siblings in the summer reading program. Now I have kids and want them to enjoy the library every bit as much as I do. This is why I’m voting YES on April 8th!
  • Dee Klenke Scenic Regional in Union holds many good memories for me. At least once a week every summer I would walk home with an armload of books (that was back when the library was where Union Furniture is now). They have always found whatever I requested and have been doing it for 55+ years.

Another Library Branch for Warren County

Warrenton Branch Programs

Warrenton Branch Programs for All Ages

Vote YES for Warren County and Scenic Regional Library on April 8

Vote YES for Warren County and Scenic Regional Library on April 8

There is a great interview that everyone in Warren Count needs to read in The Record last week. The Warrenton branch is a great little library serving our fast growing community. Voting YES on April 8th means more books and ebooks, program, hours and services for our library. But it also means the chance to add a New Library Branch in another part of Warren County!  For over 50 years, the library has relied on the same level of funding to serve a community that has grown many times over.  Join us in voting YES on April 8th for the Scenic Regional Library levy.  We have an amazing chance to add new funding – and a new library branch – to the mix for the first time in generations.

We think it is time to make high quality libraries more available to more folks across Warren County.  Voting YES on April 8th in Warrenton – and across Warren, Franklin and Gasconade counties – is key.  Get the facts on how voting YES on April 8th means a new branch library in Warren County.  We have a week to help get this important message out to our neighbors.  Please share the news!

Your Vote is Your Voice

Your Vote is Your VoiceVoting YES for Scenic Regional Library on April 8th is your chance to say YES to a community that is more livable, more interesting, and more vital.  All across Franklin, Gasconade and Warren Counties, countless groups and individuals are building businesses, learning new things, sharing their talents, and raising the next generation right.  Our libraries are a place where all people can come together and get what they need to further their own goals.  Getting the funding we need for our libraries makes all the difference in their success – and in your success, too.  Join with hundreds and hundreds of your neighbors in making sure that the library has the books and ebooks, the databases, the programs and services all these different folks need.  Make your mark for a future for all our counties on April 8th that includes good libraries.

Get the facts on how the library sends money wisely and how this new funding will benefit everyone across our Scenic Region….

Hermann and Owensville and All of Gasconade

Owensville Branch

The Owensville Library needs your vote on April 8th

Vote YES for Libraries in Gasconade County!

Vote YES for Hermann Library and all of Gasconade County

In a recent survey, 60% of Gasconade County residents said that they want the library to provide upgraded facilities, more new materials and longer service hours.  That means folks in and around Hermann and Owensville know what our library should be like – and want to work to get it.  We already use our libraries as-is.  We’re moving forward in our communities attracting and building new business and bringing in new tourism dollars.  Join us in voting YES on April 8th to ensure that we have libraries to serve our growing and vibrant communities.

Voting YES on April 8th for the Scenic Regional Library Levy means that an extra $0.10 cents per thousand will be put to work directly in our towns.  For $24.00 a year per house, we will see more of what we want in Herman and Owensville, including provide longer hours (more evening and weekend hours).  We’ll have the books and ebooks, streaming music and movies, digital downloadable magazines, books-by-mail to homebound residents, and computer skills training and programming for all age groups that we need.  It is worth a little to bring so much to our towns and all residents of Gasconde, Franklin and Warren Counties.


Rebuilding Our Libraries

New Haven Branch

The New Haven branch is set for rehab if the SRL Levy passes on April 8th, 2014

Pacific Branch

Our Pacific branch will get a much needed update if the April 8th levy passes.

The Missourian hit it just right yesterday.  Our library buildings need attention, but this vote on April 8th means more than just bricks and mortar.  The facilities in Pacific and New Haven are set for remodeling and updating.  Some of the projects are pretty basic. But without you and our neighbors voting YES on April 8th, even these most necessary projects are very hard to do right.  The funding a simple $0.10 cent levy will provide will help take care of these buildings AND provide better collections – the books, CDs, DVDs – and computers, space for study and programs, and… well, more library.  We think this is a good idea.  Not just to get the facilities up to code, but to be comfortable places across Franklin, Gasconade and Warren counties to work, study, learn and play.

Read the coverage and join us in sharing with your family and neighbors about how important voting YES for this funding is for all the Scenic Regional Library.