The Republican – Scenic Regional Library on the Ballot

Please join us and support of our libraries in Gasconade, Franklin, and Warren Counties by voting YES on April 8th, 2014, for better collections, more hours, and improvements to the buildings all across the Scenic Regional Library system.  The Republican has the story:

The library system has never had a tax increase in its entire 55-year history, according to Steven W. Campbell, library director. As a result, the library collects the third-lowest tax rate in the state — ranked 131st out of Missouri’s 133 public libraries in 2012.


“Scenic is a regional library, which means the system is actually an agreement between the Gasconade County Library, Warren County Library, and Franklin County Library,” said Campbell in an email explaining the process. “As a result, the library will have a separate ballot measure in each county. The measure could pass in one county and fail in another.

“Unlike school districts, the library is more than 96 percent locally funded. Nearly all of the library’s revenue is received from local property tax, not state or federal funds.  An individual or family in Franklin County with a house assessed at $110,000 would pay an additional $24.54 a year in library taxes. Gasconade County residents would pay $21.59. People who rent would only see an increase in their personal property taxes.

“The average cost of a new hardcover fiction book is $28.73, library officials noted.”

Are you interested in helping the library win new support? In Gasconade County, call Bob Niebruegge at (573) 437-2430.  Franklin County residents can call Susan Richardson at (636) 239-4450.