More than ‘the Minimum’ for our Library

Vote YES and Move Our Community Forward

Vote YES and Move Our Community Forward

The Scenic Regional library has had the same 10 cent levy since 1959, which is quite frankly embarrassing. According to the Missouri State Library’s guidelines, a library of today’s standards needs at least a 20 cent levy at minimum to function. Additionally nearby and surrounding libraries including St. Louis County, Jefferson County, St. Charles City-County, and Washington County all have levies of at least 20 cents, if not more. The 10 cent levy vote, which is coming up on April 8th, will put Scenic Regional Library at the minimum standard for a library of 2014. Currently the library is understaffed, cannot afford to be open longer nights and weekends, cannot afford to upgrade its facilities, many of which are in great need of repair, and often has to turn people away for programs simply because its buildings are too small to hold them.

Vote YES on April 8th to help turn things around for Scenic Regional Library and show your support for our growing community.  Volunteer or Donate and help make this happen.


We Want A Well Funded Library

Recently 60% of our neighbors across Franklin, Gasconade and Warren counties said that that they would like to see an increase in services at the Scenic Regional Library. If the April 8th vote for a 10 cent increase is passed, the library will be able to provide these services to help grow and strengthen our community. Local citizens can ensure that the Scenic Regional Library has the resources to provide these services by turning out to vote YES the 10 cent levy increase.

Library like it’s 1959

Vote YES April 8

Vote YES April 8

Did you know that libraries are now being used more than ever? It’s true! In 2013 Scenic Regional Library welcomed 276,000 people into its branches, additionally, the virtual use of library’s eBooks and eAudiobooks increased by 35% last year and people used the library’s online databases over 150,000 times. It’s clear that a lot has changed at Scenic Regional library but one thing that hasn’t changed is how much funding the library receives. Since 1959 there has been zero growth in the library’s budget, despite the growing use and development of the library system. A vote YES on the 10 cent levy is a vote to support the library’s growth and development, both past and present, so that it can continue to support the growing needs of our great community.

Vote YES on April 8th!

Avoid a Crisis… Please

Not the best idea....

Not the best idea….

If this measure fails, branches will not shut down. There will be no employment cuts. The library would basically be offering the same services they do now. Scenic Regional Library is not in crisis mode…yet. However, without the ten cent levy increase, Scenic Regional Library won’t be able to keep up with growing demand in services, materials, and space. 60% of respondents in a recent library survey said they wanted more from the library, and passing this 10 cent levy increase is how that can be achieved! To ensure that Scenic Regional Library will be able to provide quality services, up to date materials, and enough meeting space to meet the demand of our growing communities, vote YES on April 8th!

Get the facts on library funding for Gasconade, Franklin, and Warren County.  Join us and Vote YES on April 8th, 2014.  We can get ahead of this coming problem, together!

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Our Library – Our Responsibility

Vote YES on April 8th. It's our library.

Vote YES on April 8th. It’s our library.

Scenic Regional Library doesn’t receive federal or state funds to run – in fact, 96% of the revenue comes from local sources – that means you! The library uses every cent of the funds they receive super efficiently to provide Gasconade, Franklin, and Warren county residents access to whatever information they need and programs for all ages. Be assured that the funding raised from a 10 cent tax levy increase will not be wasted either! Revenue for the library cannot be diverted to other government projects, so more funding means more programs, more access, more branches, and more materials just for the library!

Vote YES on April 8th to support your library!


We’re a growing community

Vote YES on April 8th for all growing community

Vote YES on April 8th for all growing community

A 10 cent increase on our existing 10 cent levy may seem like a large jump, but Scenic Regional Library has had this same level of funding for 55 years. The experts at the Missouri State Library suggest that a library in our area needs a 20-cent levy, which costs the average taxpayer less than the cost of one hardcover book each year, to provide adequate services for its communities. As the counties the library serves have grown, Scenic Regional Library has had to operate on half of that. Instead of spending precious tax dollars on ballot measures to increase the levy by a few cents every few years, an increase of just 10 cents will ensure the Scenic Regional Library has adequate funding to grow alongside Franklin, Warren, and Gasconade counties for a much longer time.

Vote YES on April 8th so Scenic Regional Library can continue to provide exceptional services and spaces for our ever growing communities!

Want to help?  Contact us to volunteer or to donate.

Vote YES to Help Our Communities Learn – And Grow!

Vote YES on April 8

Vote YES on April 8

All of the libraries of the Scenic Regional system provide wonderful programs that are well attended and enjoyable for children, families, and adults. Unfortunately, due to the fact that library funding has not increased in over 50 years, the libraries themselves are often not able to accommodate the large turnouts for these events. The upcoming 10 levy for library funding would allow libraries to increase their spaces and ensure that everyone interested in attending their amazing programs are able to.

Vote YES on April 8th so that our communities can continue to learn and grow.

To volunteer and help get the word out to neighbors and voters, please call Bob Niebruegge at (573) 437-2430 or Susan Richardson at (636) 239-4450.