The Missourian – 55 Years Since Last New Funding

Our libraries haven’t had a funding increase in 55 years.  It’s the same tax rate when Eisenhower was President, card catalogs ruled the day, and books were the paper. We haven’t kept pace for years in Gasconade, Franklin, and Warren Counties on funding our Scenic Regional Library system.  While they have done amazing things with such little resources, it is time for us to step up and get the funding we need to make a good library great.  The Missourian has the story:

“We are already a pretty poor district when it comes to funding,” he said. “When you consider what we’ve done, people have gotten a lot of bang for the buck.

“But we are falling behind and new technology costs money,” Campbell added.

Last year over 275,000 people visited a Scenic Regional Library branches, checked out a half a million (!) items – including ebooks.  With almost 2,000 children participating in the summer reading program and 3,800 children attending story time, every family in our area benefits from the library.  For the cost of one pizza – or one book – spread out over the whole year, we can make a big change for the better.

Mark your calendar for April 8th and Vote YES for Scenic Regional Library in your county.



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