More than ‘the Minimum’ for our Library

Vote YES and Move Our Community Forward

Vote YES and Move Our Community Forward

The Scenic Regional library has had the same 10 cent levy since 1959, which is quite frankly embarrassing. According to the Missouri State Library’s guidelines, a library of today’s standards needs at least a 20 cent levy at minimum to function. Additionally nearby and surrounding libraries including St. Louis County, Jefferson County, St. Charles City-County, and Washington County all have levies of at least 20 cents, if not more. The 10 cent levy vote, which is coming up on April 8th, will put Scenic Regional Library at the minimum standard for a library of 2014. Currently the library is understaffed, cannot afford to be open longer nights and weekends, cannot afford to upgrade its facilities, many of which are in great need of repair, and often has to turn people away for programs simply because its buildings are too small to hold them.

Vote YES on April 8th to help turn things around for Scenic Regional Library and show your support for our growing community.  Volunteer or Donate and help make this happen.


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