Washington City – Your Vote Makes the Difference!

Vote YES Washington City on April 8th for Libraries

Vote YES Washington City on April 8th for Libraries

The upcoming April 8th vote for Scenic Regional Library is going to have a huge impact on the residents of Washington City. Even though the Washington Library is not part of the Scenic Library system, you play a strong role in our community. Scenic Regional Library delivers items to the Washington Library, allows residents to use their eBooks and eAudiobooks, as well as their online databases, including the free language learning database, Mango languages, which is heavily used by Washington City Residents. In addition to all of the services Washington City receives from Scenic Regional Library, the impact of the library and its value to our community it great.

Having a quality public library greatly contributes to home values, just as homebuyers consider the quality of the school district they are moving into, they also want to make sure the community supports libraries and literacy. Additionally libraries are often the only place where residents can receive free job search assistance and help strengthen our workforce. It is clear that for the small increase of the 10 cent levy our community will greatly benefit by supporting the library.

Washington City folks – make sure to vote YES on April 8th!



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