Gasconade Wants More from our Libraries

Vote YES for Libraries in Gasconade County!

Vote YES for Libraries in Gasconade County!

A recent survey of the residents of Gasconade county found that 60% of residents would like the library to provide upgraded facilities, new materials, and longer service hours. The Scenic Regional Library would love to fulfill the wishes of the community, but since the funding for the library has seen zero growth since 1959, doing so would be quite certainly impossible. The library is currently understaffed, cannot afford to stay open longer hours or provide services offered by many libraries today such as streaming music and movies and downloadable digital magazines. It is clear that if the funding to the library does not change it will soon not be able to meet the needs of the community. Fortunately, the upcoming 10 cent levy to increase library services would ensure that the library would be able to provide these services and much more. It is amazing that for such a small price our library will be able to grow to meet the needs of Gasconade County and support literacy and education for years to come.

Vote YES on April 8th to support the growing needs of the community and our wonderful library system.

Volunteer or Donate today and help get the word out about our libraries across Gasconade county and all of our Scenic Regional Library system.


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