Home Away From Home

Family Fort Night 2 Family Fort Night1People of all ages use our libraries for many different reasons. For every story of someone doing an online-only job application or taking a class to learn new skills or finding the data they need for a project, there is another story of kids playing at the library.  We are lucky across the Scenic Regional Library system to have librarians who make a safe and welcoming place for kids to have fun – and not just reading for fun (which is important) – but also playing.  The Family Fort Night and Stuffed Animal Sleep Over last week at Union was a great example of a programs that isn’t the kind of library programs we had when we were kids.  But we’d feel like kids again if we got to snuggle up at the library with a good book and a flashlight under a blanket fort experiencing the pure joy of reading for the fun of it.  It’s a way that our libraries across Warren, Franklin and Gasconade counties improve the quality of life in our communities.  Voting YES on April 8th means more than just funding.  

To see more wonderful pictures from the Fort Night, check out the Scenic Regional Library main Facebook page.


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