Hermann and Owensville and All of Gasconade

Owensville Branch

The Owensville Library needs your vote on April 8th

Vote YES for Libraries in Gasconade County!

Vote YES for Hermann Library and all of Gasconade County

In a recent survey, 60% of Gasconade County residents said that they want the library to provide upgraded facilities, more new materials and longer service hours.  That means folks in and around Hermann and Owensville know what our library should be like – and want to work to get it.  We already use our libraries as-is.  We’re moving forward in our communities attracting and building new business and bringing in new tourism dollars.  Join us in voting YES on April 8th to ensure that we have libraries to serve our growing and vibrant communities.

Voting YES on April 8th for the Scenic Regional Library Levy means that an extra $0.10 cents per thousand will be put to work directly in our towns.  For $24.00 a year per house, we will see more of what we want in Herman and Owensville, including provide longer hours (more evening and weekend hours).  We’ll have the books and ebooks, streaming music and movies, digital downloadable magazines, books-by-mail to homebound residents, and computer skills training and programming for all age groups that we need.  It is worth a little to bring so much to our towns and all residents of Gasconde, Franklin and Warren Counties.



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