Your Vote is Your Voice

Your Vote is Your VoiceVoting YES for Scenic Regional Library on April 8th is your chance to say YES to a community that is more livable, more interesting, and more vital.  All across Franklin, Gasconade and Warren Counties, countless groups and individuals are building businesses, learning new things, sharing their talents, and raising the next generation right.  Our libraries are a place where all people can come together and get what they need to further their own goals.  Getting the funding we need for our libraries makes all the difference in their success – and in your success, too.  Join with hundreds and hundreds of your neighbors in making sure that the library has the books and ebooks, the databases, the programs and services all these different folks need.  Make your mark for a future for all our counties on April 8th that includes good libraries.

Get the facts on how the library sends money wisely and how this new funding will benefit everyone across our Scenic Region….


Hermann and Owensville and All of Gasconade

Owensville Branch

The Owensville Library needs your vote on April 8th

Vote YES for Libraries in Gasconade County!

Vote YES for Hermann Library and all of Gasconade County

In a recent survey, 60% of Gasconade County residents said that they want the library to provide upgraded facilities, more new materials and longer service hours.  That means folks in and around Hermann and Owensville know what our library should be like – and want to work to get it.  We already use our libraries as-is.  We’re moving forward in our communities attracting and building new business and bringing in new tourism dollars.  Join us in voting YES on April 8th to ensure that we have libraries to serve our growing and vibrant communities.

Voting YES on April 8th for the Scenic Regional Library Levy means that an extra $0.10 cents per thousand will be put to work directly in our towns.  For $24.00 a year per house, we will see more of what we want in Herman and Owensville, including provide longer hours (more evening and weekend hours).  We’ll have the books and ebooks, streaming music and movies, digital downloadable magazines, books-by-mail to homebound residents, and computer skills training and programming for all age groups that we need.  It is worth a little to bring so much to our towns and all residents of Gasconde, Franklin and Warren Counties.


Rebuilding Our Libraries

New Haven Branch

The New Haven branch is set for rehab if the SRL Levy passes on April 8th, 2014

Pacific Branch

Our Pacific branch will get a much needed update if the April 8th levy passes.

The Missourian hit it just right yesterday.  Our library buildings need attention, but this vote on April 8th means more than just bricks and mortar.  The facilities in Pacific and New Haven are set for remodeling and updating.  Some of the projects are pretty basic. But without you and our neighbors voting YES on April 8th, even these most necessary projects are very hard to do right.  The funding a simple $0.10 cent levy will provide will help take care of these buildings AND provide better collections – the books, CDs, DVDs – and computers, space for study and programs, and… well, more library.  We think this is a good idea.  Not just to get the facilities up to code, but to be comfortable places across Franklin, Gasconade and Warren counties to work, study, learn and play.

Read the coverage and join us in sharing with your family and neighbors about how important voting YES for this funding is for all the Scenic Regional Library.

Home Away From Home

Family Fort Night 2 Family Fort Night1People of all ages use our libraries for many different reasons. For every story of someone doing an online-only job application or taking a class to learn new skills or finding the data they need for a project, there is another story of kids playing at the library.  We are lucky across the Scenic Regional Library system to have librarians who make a safe and welcoming place for kids to have fun – and not just reading for fun (which is important) – but also playing.  The Family Fort Night and Stuffed Animal Sleep Over last week at Union was a great example of a programs that isn’t the kind of library programs we had when we were kids.  But we’d feel like kids again if we got to snuggle up at the library with a good book and a flashlight under a blanket fort experiencing the pure joy of reading for the fun of it.  It’s a way that our libraries across Warren, Franklin and Gasconade counties improve the quality of life in our communities.  Voting YES on April 8th means more than just funding.  

To see more wonderful pictures from the Fort Night, check out the Scenic Regional Library main Facebook page.

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We’re getting a great group of supporters together from across Gasconade, Franklin and Warren Counties for the Scenic Regional Library’s vote on April 8th.  Join us there and pledge to Vote YES for better collections (including e-books), more programs, hours, and services across the system.  Like David Long posted there yesterday:

David Long This Secnic Regional Library in Union is by far the nicest, friendly, user friendly library around . The staff helps you at every turn (with a smile), and under budget restrictions (I am sure) has progressed and developed immensely. Cannot say enough good about them!


Click through to, LIKE the page, and share the good word about making our great libraries even better on April 8th, 2014.

Invest in the Library

SR BookmobileDid you see the article in the Republican talking about the library?  It hit the high points:  that it has been a very long time since we’ve put any new money into our libraries, that the money will go to good uses, and that the library touches lives all across Warren, Franklin and Gasconade counties.  Voting YES on April 8th across the Scenic Regional Library system means –

Other additional services with the funding would include additional staff needed to serve longer hours, including more evening and weekend hours. Additional funding would provide updated technology, and allow the library to offer more downloadable digital magazines, movies and music, a text and chat reference service, tablets for check outs and pre-loaded e-readers. Local libraries have also begun offering free programs at all its branches for teens and adults on subjects ranging for gardening and watercolor painting to crocheting and cooking. Campbell estimated 40,549 library users have participated.

We’re you surprised by the fact we are the 3rd lowest taxed library system in the state? We’ve gotten a lot of value from our library.  It’s time we reinvest in them for the 21st century.

Great Genealogy Programming at Owensville Library!


The Owensville Library held a Genealogy for beginners class on Thursday and it was absolutely awesome! Attendees of the workshop learned all kinds of amazing ways to find out more about their ancestors, including all of the genealogy resources the library provides. Did you know that you can access library edition using the library? That’s for free, when it normally costs $150 for a six month subscription! The library provides this and so many other awesome services to the residents of Gasconade County, it’s clear that it services all of us in so many ways. Keep supporting the library and all of the services it provides, by voting YES on April 8th!