It’s Election Day and Our Libraries Need You

I Voted StickerA very simple message today folks:  Voting YES for the Scenic Regional Library levy means better libraries – both the buildings and materials, but also the hours, programs, and services – for everyone across Warren, Franklin and Gasconade Counties.  From our youngest kids who use the library even before they go to school, to our teens and high schoolers who need the homework help and summer reading support, to our small business owners who use the library’s resources to build better businesses, to our neighbors looking for work and building skills at library trainings, to our friends who get out books, music and movies, and gather for books clubs and concerts and programs, to our elders who need moments of connection with the wider community, our Scenic Regional Library is there for them – and for us.

Make the choice and mark your ballot YES for a $0.10 cent levy, the first since 1959, to move our libraries into the 21st century, to make some necessary fixes to our buildings, and to give our librarians the resources they need to help build our community for the next generation.

Every one of our votes count today for the future of libraries in our communities.  Don’t forget, don’t skip it.  We appreciate everyone who has been so supportive on Facebook, around town, and across our Scenic Regional Library system.  And on behalf of everyone on the Vote YES for Scenic Regional Library committee, thank you!

We’ll see you at the polls today!

Find your polling place and other information about voting rights at

Important: If you are in line at the closing time of 7:00 PM you have the right to cast your vote.